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Thursday, August 11, 2011


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Raki or Raksha Bandan is a famous festival observed mainly in North India. This festival celebrates the relationship between the brothers and sisters. The name ‘raksha’ means Protection and ‘Bandan’ means Bond. ‘Rakhi’ is a sacred thread tied on this special occasion by the sister on her brother’s wrist. Rakhi represents the love and prayers of the sister for her brother’s wellbeing and the brother’s life long responsibility to protect her. This festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Sravana month of the Hindu lunisolar calendar. This year it is on 13th august. This festival is observed mainly among Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, however it has become a national festival irrespective of the religion.

On the festival day the sister ties a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist and the brother gives gifts to his sister in return. Brother takes an oath to protect his sister and they feed sweets one another. In India, cousins are considered similar to siblings according to the kinship practices. So girls tie Rakhi on their male cousins also. Unrelated boys and girls who consider themselves to have brother-sister relationship between them also ties Rakhi and take the oath. It is also believed that such boys and girls have to maintain brother-sister relationship for life long. The practice of Raksha bandan has also spread to south India and is practiced in schools and colleges of south Indian states.

Hindu mythology and Raksha Bandan:

It is believed that Santoshi mata, the Goddess of satisfaction was created on a Raksha Bandan day. In this story, a person named Ganesh had two sons and on a Raksha Bandan day, Ganesh’s sister came and tied a Rakhi on his wrist. The sons then started pressing Ganesh for a sister. At last Santoshi mata was created from the divine flames that emerged from the two wives of Ganesh.

Another story is from Mahabharat about Krishna and Draupadi. Draupadi was the wife of pandavas. During a battle, Lord Krishna was wounded on his wrist and suddenly, Draupadi came and torn a piece of silk from her sari and tied on Krishna’s wrist to stop the bleeding. This touched Lord Krishna and he declared draupadi as his sister and decided to protect her lifelong.

King Bali was a great king of demon and was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Being impressed of the devotion of king Bali, Lord Vishnu left his own abode in Vaikunth and went to the kingdom of Bali to guard the king and the people. Goddess Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu wanted to be with Vishnu in his abode. So Goddess Lakshmi went to Bali pretending to be a women to seek protection until her husband comes back. On the next festival of Shravan Purnima, she tied a thread to Bali. Bali asked the reason and she revealed her intention. King Bali was impressed and decided to send Lord Vishnu back to Vaikunth with Goddess Lakshmi. Because of this incident, the festival of Shravana Purnima is also called as Baleva meaning ‘the devotion of Bali to the Lord’.

According to a story, Yama, the lord of death and his sister Yamuna, a river in Northern India performed the ritual of Raksha Bandan. Yamuna tied a sacred thread on Yama’s wrist and attained immortality. Yama then declared that whoever gets a Raksha Bandan tied from his sister and promised to protect her attains immortality.

Other stories related to Raksha Bandan:

In 326 BC, Alexander the great invaded India. He started a battle with King Puru. The wife of Alexander the great Roxana sent a sacred thread to King Puru asking him not to harm her husband. King Puru gave full respect for the rakhi and decided not to harm Alexander the great. During the battle, when King Puru was about to kill Alexander the great, saw the rakhi in his hand and restrained himself from killing him.

There is another story about the Mughal Emperor Humayun and Rani Karnavati, the queen of Chittor. When Chittor was about to be conquered by Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat she sent a rakhi to the Emperor Humayun. Emperor Humayun suddenly set off with his troops to save Chittor from the hands of Bahadur Shah. By the time the emperor reached Chittor, Bahadur Shah had conquered the fort. Rani Karnavati killed herself to avoid being dishonoured. Emperor Humayun evicted Bahadur Shah from the fort and gave the Kingdom to Vikramjith Singh, son of Rani Karnavati.

Festivals on Raksha Bandan Day:

Balarama Janati: Prabhu Balarama is the elder brother of Lord Krishna. Raksha Bandan is celebrated with the Birth ceremony of Balarama.

Narali Purnima: In Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, Raksha Bandan day is celebrated with Narali purnima. On this day, they give coconut as an offering to Lord Varuna who is the Lord of Sea. This day is the starting of fishing season and the fishermen do this offering to the sea for prosperity in their lives.

Kajari Purnima: This ritual is famous in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Bihar. This festival is related to Sita, wife of Lord Rama. On this day, farmers and women who are blessed with a son performs various rituals.

Pavitropana: This day is celebrated with Pavitropana in various places of Gujarat. Pavitropana is a celebration of worship of Lord Vishnu.

Raksha Bandan is the sacred ritual to celebrate the relationship between the brother and sister. It is the time to take the responsibility as a brother for men and as a caring and supporting sister for women. Enjoy the love and care of a sister or brother on this special occasion. Wish you all a happy Raksha Bandan Day.


Independence day of any country is the day of glory, freedom and happiness. On august 15, 1947 India became a free nation and in memory of the freedom fighters, people pay rich tributes to them on this special occasion. India won freedom not only from the British but also from the local kings and became an independent democratic nation. It was a moment of realisation and fulfilment of human rights and dignity for the Indian citizen.

The British came to India for trade but took over the total administration of the country later on. The lack of proper administration in India and the animosity between the local kings helped in this intrusion by the British. The first struggle for the independence of India begun with the foundation of Indian National Congress in 1885. The return of Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi to India in 1915 after his 20 years of life in South Africa as a lawyer, empowered the Indian National Congress leading to the freedom of India.

In the road to the freedom of India, there were many tragic incidents. Many were imprisoned and hanged without any trial. One incident that people still keep in their mind is the Jallianwala Bagh incident where 379 people were killed and more than 1000 were injured by the troupes under general Dyer. Independence day came with the partition of India and Pakistan because of the difficulties of the population of Muslims and Hindus. Pakistan got freedom on 14th August and India on 15th August. The last Viceroy Lord Mountbatten transferred the power of freedom to the newly formed countries.

Even though the British rule in India was brutal, they also left us a few examples like the administrative skills and military discipline. Their rule also had a positive effect on the literacy and health care facilities of India. The rail transportation is another contribution of the British rule to India. Today India has the largest railway network in the world. Of course, the universal language English is another important contribution by them.

For every country, there is a set of rules and rituals on their independence day. In some countries, independence day is full of celebrations and in some other countries, it is full of prayers. In India, Independence day is celebrated with flag hoisting ceremony and our great leaders and freedom fighters are remembered and honoured. The main attraction of independence day is the flag hoisting and salute at the Red Fort where the prime minister unfurls the flag and is saluted with guns. The speech by the prime minister and cultural program by the school children are the major highlights of this day in Red Fort. The sky of the nation will be painted with tricoloured kites and it is the most beautiful of all.

What the voice of independent India stands for?

Freedom is a gift from God to mankind. India has one of the most efficient democratic framework offering freedom and an aesthetic life for the citizens of India. We can experience the freedom only by upholding the four basic concepts of free India. They are:

Justice: Most contemporary theories gives more importance to justice. The concept of justice is different in different culture. In general, justice is a harmonious relationship between individuals with the right proportion in exchange between individuals and with the environment. Indian judiciary is to make sure that the government helps to create a social and economic environment under which the individual can lead a good life. Indian judiciary also helps to maintain a social condition in which all members of the society can lead a good life without fear of others.

Liberty: Liberty is a modern concept in which individual can lead a free life, enabling them to decide their actions with the responsibility in its consequences. In India, an individual can govern himself but at the same time he has the responsibility on his own actions. This concept enables the individuals in the society to enjoy the freedom while maintaining the social order and harmony of life.

Equality: Equality is a state of being equal in status, opportunities and rights. Equality ensures the individual to have equal rights under the law including the right to speech, security, property rights and voting. Social equality requires the lack of unjustified discrimination motivated by age, sex, religion or caste of the individual. Perfect equality is just a concept in any society and practically does not exist. This makes it necessary to have special reservation for backward classes and minority groups.

Fraternity: Fraternity in political view refers to the brotherhood of all citizens of India. As we see in the National Pledge of India, ‘All Indians are my brothers and sisters’ is the concept of fraternity. This concept ensures the aesthesis of social life with mutual sharing and support between the individuals.

Knowing what the voice of independent India stands for will help us to uphold the basic principles of the Indian democracy and act accordingly to make the best possible social situation where the beauty of life is preserved and social security ensured.

Independence day is an occasion for remembering the great Indian Patriots with whose courage, endurance and perseverance India became an independent country. Let us salute them on this special occasion and promise them to uphold the values of our country. Father of our nation, Mahatma Ghandi, Mangal Pandey, Sarojini Naidu, Gopal Krishna Gokhele and Jhansi of Rani are some of the great persons who worked hard for the freedom of India.

On August 15, 1947 our country became a free nation after 300 years of colonial rule. On 15th morning our nation woke up breathing the air of freedom and the citizen of India enjoyed freedom of their life for the first time. From that moment, August 15 became a day of special significance and is celebrated with tricolour, patriotic songs and speeches and parade. On this colourful occasion let us not forget our responsibilities as the citizen of India. Let us salute our great nation and be proud of being an Indian.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year to show your appreciation for dear ol’ dad, what to get the dad who has everything. This is the biggest question which comes in everybody mind.

We keep on receiving numerous gifts from our father throughout the year. Now, spend at least a single day to pamper your dad with amazing gifts and make him feel on top of the world.

As Says “When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry”. So be ready to make this year father day memorable for both of you.

Take him for a Picnic or Movie

Taking your dad for a movie or picnic is the sweet mantra of surprising your dad. On this father's dad, book ticket for a movie or take him out for a picnic to amusement park or any other favorite destination of your father. He will surely enjoy this gift of yours.

Wish him with a beautiful Greeting Cards

If you are still confused, then the most simple and easiest way is to shop for a greeting card for your dad. You can also add some love quotes to express that how grateful you are towards your dad for his everything.

Personalized Gifts

Sometimes fathers can be more emotional than mothers. A sweet gift can bring tears into eyes of father. So, experience the emotional part of your dad's personality. Shop for various personalized gifts like shirts, coats, trousers, etc. for your dad in his favorite color and brand. Enhance its value by writing a touchy message like 'For the best daddy', 'Just for you dad', 'Love you dad', etc.

Experiential Gifts For First Father’s Day:

These great first Father's Day gifts allow the new dad to enjoy a unique experience. Some of the experiential gifts that are sure to make his first Father's Day gift memorable include hot air balloon rides, fighter pilot experiences, or driving a race car. Or plan a trip, perhaps a cruise or a golf getaway, as his first Father's Day gift.

Unique Idea :"Back in my day..."

Is Dad waxing nostalgic? Is he always talking about "the way things were"? If so, maybe a retro-gift is the Father's Day gift he'll love. Get him a candlestick telephone, a collectible framed photo showing someone he admires, a collegiate souvenir or something else to remind him -- with a gentle smile -- that's he's getting on in years.

Is your Father a sports fan?

Many sports, like golf, for example, have disposable equipment that always needs to be replaced. Personalized golf balls are a great example. If he plays tennis, a gross of tennis balls will always come in handy. Just be careful to buy the same exact equipment your dad uses and not load him up with a brand he does not care for. Sports clothes are another good idea for this type of Dad.

Car lovers father's day gift idea

Find a gift for dad that shows you appreciate his passion for the automobiles. Surprise your dad with a new accessory.

Daddy Cake

Your child will love creating this Father's Day cake. Bake a cake and then get busy decorating. You can create a golf scene for the golfing dad, a briefcase for the businessman, or simply, just a smiley face. Oh, what fun!

Short Story

Write a short story where the hero is your dad. Don't forget to mention some of the things you've always taken for granted, and never thanked him for. This will be a great keepsake for him. An alternative to this would be to write a poem for your dad and frame it for him.

Father of The Year Banner

Design a father of the year banner and post it in the front yard before dad gets home on Father's Day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

32nd Annual Whiskey Row Marathon

This is one of the toughest Marathons in the United States. The terrain is rugged, the altitude exceeds a mile above sea level and the weather can be severe. The 2011 event marks the 33rd anniversary of the Whiskey Row Marathon. Come join runners from all over the county in this prestigious event. In addition to the Marathon there is also a 1/2 marathon, 10K, and 2 mile fun run.

Race Start

The Marathon begins at Prescott Courthouse (the corner of Montezuma and Gurley Streets) in front of Palace Saloon. The 5:00 am “early start” is for marathon participants that cannot finish the course in the six-hour time frame. Due to safety concerns, you must be off the course by 12:00 pm. Dogs, skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, scooters and the like are not permitted on the course.

Whiskey Row Marathon – 6:00 am
Half Marathon – 7:00 am
2 Mile Fun Run/Walk – 7:15 am
10 K – 7:30 am

Race Finish
Prescott Courthouse
Corner of Cortez and Union Streets

Race Headquarters
Hotel St. Michael
205 West Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ

Packet Pick-up
Friday, April 30 at Race Headquarters, 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Race Day, May 1 at Race Headquarters, 5:00 am to 7:15 am

Entry Fees
Whiskey Row Marathon: $70; after 4/10/10: $80
Half Marathon: $55; after 4/10/10: $65
10 K: $35; after 4/10/10: $45
2 Mile Run/Walk: $15; after 4/10/10: $20

For more information about the Whiskey Row Marathon, please visit the Prescott YMCA website at
To learn more about what to do and see in the Prescott area, including attractions and events, go online to

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine Day is Coming-Ideas for Valentine Day Gifts

Yes that is right Valentines Day now looms just around the corner. It's the season of love! One of the greatest times of the year; but it can also be a bit stressful if you don't know what to buy. Here are top Ideas for valentine day gifts:

Perfume/Cologne- The perfect perfume can make any girl feel special, so pick out a scent that she will love and you will love to smell on her. And Why not give your man cologne that will make him feel sexy and will keep you coming back for more?

Write a special Valentines Day card- Nothing can be more romantic than making a hand made card for your lover and telling him or her they mean to you and how much you love them.

Gourmet Chocolates- A heart shaped box of chocolates is a classic Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie. But step up your game this year and give them gourmet chocolates instead of the same old heart shaped box.

Flowers and Stuffed Animals- These are two Valentine's Day classics. But don't just settle for one; buy your guy or gal both to show them just how much you care.

Fill your lover's room with a big surprise- Your valentines day should start off with a big surprise and end with a big surprise. One of the best possible Valentines Day ideas would be to fill your lover's room up with a lot of balloons and card before he or she wakes up and let him or her be absolutely stunned.

Make dinner instead of going out-You could make your partner a special dinner in as opposed to going out for Valentines Day. This is a thoughtful and special way to spend the dinner portion of the evening. You may also want to make the dinner together. This can be a lot of fun and I am sure that you and your partner will have a load of laughs making the food. You can both make your favorite foods this way.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unique Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time of celebration - a time for families, a time for friends and, most importantly, a time for fun. Perhaps it's the holidays from work, or even the thought of opening up all those Christmas gifts that somehow brings out the child in us, and the older we get, it would seem, the more immature we can become.

With the coming of Christmas, street shops and stores are flooded with amazing gifts that instantly mesmerize a person. Finding an amazing gift is made easy by the unique Christmas gifts. The best unique gifts for Christmas are those that are the most useful. Presents can be both practical and fun. When you are looking for gifts online, consider educational gifts, fun toys, and holiday decorations.

Some of the most unusual gifts for children are the educational gifts that can be found on the Internet now. One choice is excavation kits. These unique gifts for children include all the tools necessary to dig out shells, fossils, dinosaurs, knights, and Egyptian ruins models contained in blocks of sand and other materials. These gifts give children a taste for the job of an archeologist.
Other unique gifts ideas can be found in games and puzzles. Children get a lot of educational value from 3-D puzzles. It takes spatial skills, visual perception, and perseverance to complete one of these special gifts. Children also learn logic from Christmas gifts like Noughts and Crosses games.

The collection of unique Christmas gifts are meant for all ages, such as- parents, kids, brother, sister, daughter, spouse, beloved, friends or boss. Unique gifts with its amazing features captivate the recipient's heart instantly. Considering the gifts also let you rid of the boredom from shopping same gift ideas. There is no dearth of unusual gift ideas in the market, but to find an ideal gift for your dear ones just take into account the passion and interest of the recipients. You can find fashionable gifts and adventurous gift ideas. The gift experiences are inspirational and excitement-oriented. For example- flying, driving, music, falconry, cookery experiences are some of the delightful experience gifts that are worthwhile. The gift experiences are available in vouchers. By following the instructions you can book an experience and have fun.

It is often a good idea to buy corporate gifts at Christmas. Whether you are the boss getting gifts for your staff, or a group of employees presenting unique personalised gifts to your supervisors, Christmas is a time for giving. Bring the holiday spirit into the workplace with Christmas decorations and fun gifts decked out in shiny colorful bags.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Beloved

The beginning of February month marks the period when people relish in the love with their beloved. The Romantic day, 14th February holds a special recognition because it helps in building a bridge to fulfill the gap between couples. The day can be made further unique and memorable by offering gifts to your beloved as token of affection and love.

Gifts do not mean spending lots of money, rather it is the symbol of love, thankful heart, appreciation and thoughtfulness. You can find a variety of options in the market starting from the highly expensive dazzling shimmering diamond jewelry to a bouquet of flowers with in affordable range.

For many men, a gift is just a gift, but to women, especially those who are in a relationship, a gift is more than just a gift. By giving a gift, for no reason at all, you are showing your beloved that you care about him or her and that you do so at all times, not just on special occasions. A lovely gift, is sure to bring a smile to the face of your partner.

But choosing gifts for your beloved is not an easy task to do. I have a many unique ideas for Valentines Day gift. What could be more special than giving your beloved Jewelry this year?

But what, If your beloved lives in Pakistan. No need to worry still you can send gifts to Pakistan. There are lots of ways to do online shopping in Pakistan through which you can send gifts to Pakistan.

Before sending gifts to Pakistan you should get information on various gifts items which you can send to your beloved. I have a list of top 10 valentines day gifts which you can send to your beloved who is residing in Pakistan like Jewelry, Sweets, Flower, cards, Perfume, cake, stuff toys, candles, dry fruits, fruit basket.

Valentine Day Gift for Women: For the lovely lady in your life who is residing very far from you a few simple gifts will let her know she is special. First idea, Perfume. Whether you gift perfume to the lady who is in Pakistan or anywhere else definitely she will like Perfume. So Perfume in Pakistan also liked by women. There are variety of women perfume in Pakistan. The next idea that will work for any women is jewelry! Jewelry in Pakistan is unique in nature. According to your status and budget the jewels are selected. Women love jewelry, perfume, flowers and things scented like candles.

Valentine Day Gift For Men: First gift idea, cologne. Men too indulge in perfumes and fragrances as much as woman. In addition to this, giving a personalized gift can also be a good option. The personalized gifts could be anything like cap, apparel, mugs, or an office gift.

While buying for men you should put your likes and dislikes behind and look for the gift which he likes.

To discover more about how to Perfume in Pakistan and Jewelry in Pakistan just click The site will surely quench your thirst regarding various gifts to Pakistan and gifts in Pakistan.

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